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Recruitment Analytics: Using Today's Data for Tomorrow's Hire

Posted by Katie Parr on 08-Dec-2016 09:00:00

Reporting and analytics is vital for any business’ hiring process. If you’re oblivious as to where you both benefitted and suffered in past campaigns, then you’re left to continue blindly into your future hiring campaigns and this is no practical route to success.

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Everything You Need to Know About Onboarding Candidates

Posted by Katie Parr on 06-Dec-2016 09:00:00


The Onboarding process should be seen as an essential process to any business’ recruitment process and is critical in securing the productivity that your new hire can offer to your company. With the right procedure and guidance in place, you can ensure an Onboarding process that quickly aligns your new hires to your company values, ensuring they enter your business as satisfied employees and are ready to go from day one.

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Graduate Recruitment: How to plan, prepare and prosper when the floodgates open

Posted by Katie Parr on 02-Dec-2016 09:00:00

Roughly 1.5 million students graduate with bachelor degrees every year around May, so it’s no surprise that this creates an overflow of CVs, for both permanent and graduate positions. Hiring the best graduate talent is a fierce competition, but when businesses experience a sharp increase in applications, managing this can be difficult as time is consumed with CV searching, phone screening and sending out rejection emails.

If you showcase your company and everything it has to offer, graduates in search of work will come to know your brand, what it stands for and your culture; in doing so you will attract the attention of candidates to enable you to make relevant hiring.

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The Importance of Building Strong Internal Relationships

Posted by Guest Blogger on 01-Dec-2016 11:23:39

The Importance of Building Strong Internal Relationships

In-house recruiters need to build great internal relationships. The best approaches to sourcing and selection, and many effective strategies to reduce cost and time per hire need to be supported by a strong network of internal partnerships. They are the bedrock of successful recruitment. Hiring managers need to know that they can rely on their HR and recruitment team to find the people they need, and in-house recruiters need to be able to trust their internal clients to ‘sell’ opportunities and to make a good impression.

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Effortless Shortlisting: Filtering and Selecting Candidates

Posted by Katie Parr on 29-Nov-2016 09:00:00


Almost 70% of businesses lost out on potential candidates due to having a lengthy recruitment process and lack of communication both internally with hiring managers and externally with candidates.

Finding the ideal candidate is difficult enough as it is, but when combined with a communication process that is disjointed between hiring managers, HR and candidates, everything is made all the more confusing. Finding a shortlisting process that is efficient will not only benefit your business, it will also have a positive effect on your candidates; a fast, efficient and well-communicated hiring process will give candidates a satisfying experience.

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Recruitment software for one of the UK’s iconic breweries

Posted by Ed Hull on 28-Nov-2016 08:30:00

Hydes is a brewer and pub operator based in the north west of England with sites across Cheshire, Lancashire and North Wales.  They currently have around 60 pubs, a head office where the central HR operations are conducted and the brewery from which their signature beers are made.

We spoke to Laura, the Personnel Officer at Hydes Brewery, about the problems she historically had with recruiting and how she forsees it changing with the use of Vacancy Filler’s recruitment software.

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Using social media to your advantage: How to recruit using the internet’s busiest platforms

Posted by Katie Parr on 23-Nov-2016 10:00:00

When choosing an effective hiring platform, it’s imperative that you consider social media as an option.

Over the past decade, social media has exploded in size and popularity, along with the number of connected devices overshadowing the world’s entire population by comparison.

For the recruitment industry, social media is one of the most effective areas to have a presence. It has billions of users, consists of countless platforms, and accessibility mostly comes with no additional cost.

Considering this, it is important to ask yourself: How can I use social media to better my hiring procedure?

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The Effective, Structured Hiring Strategy

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 11-Nov-2016 10:27:00

Partner with an RPO Provider for an Effective, Structured Hiring Strategy

There are many challenges faced by today’s In-house recruiter, what with limited budgets, scarcer candidates of suitable quality, and higher, more aggressive competition; then you have the even playing field created by social media, allowing those with less established organisations to compete effectively against larger corporations.

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Why marmite lovers are better employees

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 02-Nov-2016 12:05:00

Analytics are providing x-ray results of businesses’ recruitment processes

The fight between businesses for the best employees is not new to the recruitment scene – however, what is new, and is giving the businesses innovative enough to implement them an advantage, is the functionality that comes with digital recruitment solutions.

Not only can businesses using this technology benefit from faster hiring, reduced reliance on agencies and therefore lowered hiring costs, as well as the benefit of a streamlined application process for a better candidate journey; they can now utilise data collated from all of the recruitment campaigns ran since implementing the software to highlight further business benefits.

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Top Ten Seasonal Hiring Tips for Getting the Best Candidates

Posted by Katie Parr on 25-Oct-2016 14:00:00

Periods of Seasonal hiring can throw many businesses into a ‘hiring frenzy’ and in lots of instances, disrupts the process of staffing. The Retail Sector is a prime example of an industry thrown under strain during seasonal holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day, with a rise in customer levels and sales figures.

Below is a list of the top 10 seasonal hiring tips I believe to be vital from which I have composed through my experience of aiding countless HR and In-House recruiters remain in control during these periods:

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