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8 million employees vow to find a new job in 2016

New Year’s Resolutions are being prepared as we speak, with no surprises as we hear the standard January gym starters promising that “this is the year [they] will stick it out”.

What is surprising however, is that according to a survey by CV Library, nearly 8 million employees have vowed to find a new job in 2016 which brings the question; is your business one of those who will need to start replacing departed employees come January?


These findings present two areas of concern; the first being the need to work hard to keep the talented, high performing employees happy, in order to prevent them from leaving. Secondly, being able to compete with other businesses to draw in and attract fresh talent.

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Considerations need to be made in advance to compete against competition in the New Year, and we have highlighted a few areas that can sometimes be overlooked, but that just might give you the edge over the other candidate-hungry companies.

  1. Careers Page – Your vacancies should be easy to find, and simple to apply for. Requiring a candidate to login before applying can be a big turn off for candidates. The fewer barriers you put in front of them, the more you will find apply.
  2. Job Description – You need to make sure your job advert is written well, to the point and uses key words that will help the candidate find it. You also need to set out expectations and minimal requirements in order to streamline applications to only those suited to the position.
  3. Communication – Communication is one of the biggest factors that will leave an impression on your candidates, if you communicate well, regularly and keep the candidate informed, you will find that the candidate’s view of your company is still positive even if they don’t get the job.

The simplest way to achieve the above is to recruit using an applicant tracking system that can integrate with your existing careers page (or provide you with one if you don’t have one). The tools an ATS Provider give to you allow for huge levels of automation, bulk actions and reduction in manual tasks.

The benefit of this to a candidate is an improved candidate journey as a result of the experience they have had with you; meanwhile keeping them informed saving the candidate time with chasing you for updates.


The benefit to you as an employer is that happy candidates mean an improved employer brand. Also, that candidates talk, so should they talk about you, you can rest assure that the experience they talk about is a positive one. The additional benefits to using an ATS are: huge cost savings, time efficiencies, enhanced reporting capabilities and collaboration across teams, offices or even countries.

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Jay Staniforth

Jason has 5+ years' experience at Management level in Marketing and has worked across a range of sectors, including fashion, luxury vehicles, office equipment and software. With a BSc in Psychology, he takes an interesting angle with much of his work and has a great ability to focus on the value-add to the user in his writing.

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