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Adaptimmune: Thriving through large-scale recruitment campaigns


Company Background

Adaptimmune is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on novel cancer immunotherapy products with operations in the UK and USA. The company utilises the body’s own machinery – the T cell – to target and destroy cancer cells by increasing the affinity of naturally occurring T cell receptors.

Implementing Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

Adaptimmune currently employs over 150 people in the UK, having grown over the past year, and plans to continue expanding for the next few years.

Adaptimmune decided that there was a need for a software solution to ensure its recruitment process could upscale efficiently and professionally to meet the company’s growth plans.

Having dealt with large-scale recruitment campaigns before, HR Manager Sue Bailey decided that to effectively manage such an influx of applications, without having a negative effect on the day to day running of the HR Department, a level of automation would be required.

Sue has a solid understanding of the benefits and value-add of recruitment software and two products with comparable functionality were evaluated. Vacancy Filler was selected, with Sue citing a superior user interface and ease of use, a proactive support team for both users and candidates and overall, a more cost-effective solution.

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Prior to implementing the Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software, the sifting and sorting process leading up to shortlisting was time-consuming. Vacancy Filler’s Recruitment Software has helped to streamline Adaptimmune’s entire recruitment process and improve the candidate journey whilst delivering a measurable return on investment in terms of time savings.



Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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