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Jay Staniforth

Jason has 5+ years' experience at Management level in Marketing and has worked across a range of sectors, including fashion, luxury vehicles, office equipment and software. With a BSc in Psychology, he takes an interesting angle with much of his work and has a great ability to focus on the value-add to the user in his writing.
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How to get your in-house recruitment team GDPR-ready

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 06-Mar-2018 16:57:16

As a recap, and for those that didn’t read our last GDPR blog, the General Data Protection Regulation comes into place on the 25th May 2018. The new rules have allowed for an increased level of legal certainty for data that travels within the EU. This forces organisation’s to be more transparent about the way they are using consumer data.

The new regulations have been heavily marketed and a number of horror stories have started to surface. We know that the legislation can sound scary, especially with the fines for non-compliance, but this is an essential regulation that will help to prevent our own personal data from being stolen, misused or sent to third parties without our prior consent – so it’s a good thing!

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Everything you need to know about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)  before the 25th May 2018

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 19-Dec-2017 14:18:52


But don’t worry, as confusing as the 88 page document might be, we’re here to help make it simple. So let’s start with the basics. As of the 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), comes into force; this is a new and important piece of legislation that has been created to replace the old and outdated Data Protection Act 1998.

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Recruit to Retain - It's not about filling vacancies, it's about growing as a company

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 25-Aug-2017 17:18:36


You've just downed tools - a job well done.

After a six-week recruitment campaign, including interviews and chasing hiring managers for feedback, you've made a job offer to the perfect candidate.

But four weeks later, and only three days before your new hire was due to start, you get an email - "I've been offered a job with another company and I have accepted, unfortunately, I will be withdrawing my acceptance for the position of sales manager..."

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You Might Not Be In Sales, But You Are Still Selling

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 20-Mar-2017 14:40:08

Whether it’s a large, focused team aggressively dedicated to sourcing new business, or a team that supports existing customers and reactively generates business from incoming calls; if you have entered the world of work, you’ll undoubtedly have been exposed to some form of sales team.

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The Effective, Structured Hiring Strategy

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 11-Nov-2016 10:27:00

Partner with an RPO Provider for an Effective, Structured Hiring Strategy

There are many challenges faced by today’s In-house recruiter, what with limited budgets, scarcer candidates of suitable quality, and higher, more aggressive competition; then you have the even playing field created by social media, allowing those with less established organisations to compete effectively against larger corporations.

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Why marmite lovers are better employees

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 02-Nov-2016 12:05:00

Analytics are providing x-ray results of businesses’ recruitment processes

The fight between businesses for the best employees is not new to the recruitment scene – however, what is new, and is giving the businesses innovative enough to implement them an advantage, is the functionality that comes with digital recruitment solutions.

Not only can businesses using this technology benefit from faster hiring, reduced reliance on agencies and therefore lowered hiring costs, as well as the benefit of a streamlined application process for a better candidate journey; they can now utilise data collated from all of the recruitment campaigns ran since implementing the software to highlight further business benefits.

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Register for the In House Recruitment Expo 2017

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 03-Oct-2016 15:53:42

Registration is now open for the 2017 In-House Recruitment Expo! Taking place at Olympia, London on the 21st & 22nd of February 2017; it will be the third time that the event has been held and is supported by The FIRM, Personnel Today and Recruitment Grapevine.

This is an exciting time for the in-house recruitment sector. The way that organisations attract, hire, on-board, engage, and retain the people they need is a significant differentiator in the recruitment marketplace, increasingly shaping the way that businesses grow and succeed. There is much more information available through digital channels on what a company is like to work for so candidates now know much more about the business they are applying to, and their expectations are shaped accordingly.

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Re-advertising roles in education costs schools millions

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 15-Aug-2016 10:14:39

Lucy Powell, former shadow education secretary, revealed that, from a sample of 123 secondary schools, more than £56 million was spent on advertising for teaching roles in 2015; a 61% rise on the figures from 2010.

The shortage of teachers in UK schools is an area that we have covered before, but the problem has been found to have further negative effects as re-advertising roles consumes, on average, 10% of total recruitment advertising costs.

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The best way to lose your customers

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 12-Aug-2016 11:32:46

If the way you rejected candidates was costing your business as much in lost revenue as the hiring process itself, wouldn’t you want to do something about it?

In order to save money, some companies will be pulling in the purse strings following the Brexit result, but it’s inevitable that recruitment will continue; whether through internal restructures, requirements for new projects, or replacement of staff due to retirement or staff churn.

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How to improve the recruitment process for not-for-profit organisations

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 03-Aug-2016 12:00:00

Although there are issues in the not-for-profit sector when it comes to recruitment, it’s often down to a gap in knowledge around the available options when it comes to recruiting. Other than the obvious, agencies, websites and papers that the sector has always relied on, there is a certain lack of clarity around what the options are.

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