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The quality of care given at different care homes varies hugely, and this is for a number of reasons, but one of those reasons is the home's ability to source good quality staff who are a strong fit for the culture of the individual care home.

Finding the right staff can be the difference between a care home thriving and a care home closing, and with the life expectancy age increasing, we are in a time where care homes are needed more than ever.

Those responsible for recruiting at the care homes are not alone though, with the growing capabilities and popularity of recruitment software care homes can continue to find and hire great talent.


What are the must-haves for recruitment software for the  care sector?

  • Minimal training needed

With care staff stretched as it is, those using the software must be able to pick it up easily, so it is important that the software is intuitive

  • Fast implementation

The software should be quick to set up and require minimal effort from IT or other staff members. this is to allow staff to focus on their core duties

  • Integration of background checks

In particular with the care sector, and other sectors such as education, background checks are important. Most products will require you to use a third party provider, but it is important to make sure that your recruitment process can all be managed from one central location, without the need to use additional providers outside of your recruitment software.

Having a directory of great talent is important; make sure your recruitment product allows you to store those candidates who were a good fit for a role but didn't get the position, this will save you huge amounts of time and money when you next require staff at short notice or you have a role to fill.

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