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How to continue employing the best candidates whilst your competition struggles to get bums-on-seats


The teacher shortage in the UK’s Education Sector has meant that many institutions are left filling employee gaps with agency staff, resulting in an array of people with varying experience entering the institution on a potentially daily basis.

Considering this, some institutions are still able to focus on finding the best staff for the positions that they have, rather than just focusing on getting bums-on-seats in order to fill the gap.

The reason for this is directly related to the way in which they recruit; by utilising readily-available hiring technology, institutions are able to advertise their vacancies in a way that provides them with a choice of skilled candidates with the relevant experience for the role that they have applied for.

Sarah Trouse, Resourcing and Welfare Officer at Burton and South Derbyshire College, utilises Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software’s Job Board Package to ensure that they can find the right candidates for the role; “We are now broadcasting the vacancy to a much wider target audience and as a result we are seeing staff travel a bit further.” She adds, “Also, because we are forcing applicants to go through a formal application process rather than sending blanket CVs, we are seeing an improved quantity and quality of candidate.”

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It is common practice with Educational Institutions to require more details at the application stage than the common business as a result of working with children or young adults, it is because of this that when applying for such a role, the applicant will need to provide more in-depth details based around their work and personal history. Receiving this additional information can prove problematic, with incomplete applications being sent across and further contact from the HR team being required in order to complete the application.

These problems can be avoided, or at least reduced; Ellen Cook at Central College Nottingham uses the Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software to provide a customised and in-depth application form to the applicant so that they are able to provide all of the details required at this initial stage, meaning their application can be considered as soon as it is received. Ellen said, “As a college we will not accept CVs alone. They have to apply through the Vacancy Filler system by completing an application form that includes information on working with children. CVs don’t always capture that information, but Vacancy Filler makes sure people provide it to us”.

Being able to start the selection process as soon as an application is received is a huge benefit for institutions, not only are they able to communicate with the applicant in an adequate time frame, but the time that it takes to hire can be greatly reduced.

Jon Downing at Newcastle Under-Lyme College uses the Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software in this way, he said, “the reporting function has given the college complete transparency at any stage in the process of the recruitment activity, resulting in a better managed and more controlled hiring process. The flagging system helps create clarity around the reports, there are quite a lot of flags to choose from, but the time it saves is absolutely brilliant.”

Utilising the new technology that is available can help to overcome specific, industry-relevant issues such as the teacher shortage in the education sector, and a solution that combines reaching candidates with managing them effectively will not only find you the best candidates, but it will reduce your time to hire, cost of hire and also enhance your employer brand.

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