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“No technical talk, no jargon – just really easy technology” said The Original Factory Shop as they appointed Vacancy Filler to provide their Applicant Tracking System.

The Original Factory Shop is the original off-price retailer, bringing the UK quality brands at discount prices. The company has been growing since it was founded in 1969; it currently has more than 200 stores however this number is set to dramatically increase over the coming years as the company expands and grows.


We spoke to Alison, the People Director, and Jacqui, the Talent Manager, at The Original Factory Shop about their choice to partner with Vacancy Filler; they cited the main reason for their decision was an alignment of values.  A cultural alignment, an ability to move quickly and an eagerness for collaborative ideas gave Vacancy Filler the edge over competition.

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Alison expressed an appreciation of how Vacancy Filler designed their future plans to work in tandem with a company’s business plan, and remarked how this flexibility best suited The Original Factory Shop as they too were a growing company. Overall it was the fact that Vacancy Filler listen to the needs of the customers and tailor build their strategy for and with them.

In terms of the software, Jacqui spoke of how the business is looking to improve the candidate journey with Vacancy Filler through the use of text messaging, personalised group emails, candidate tests and the ability for candidates to book their own interviews.  Employer branding is a high priority for the business as they look to attract the highest quality of candidates.

Both Alison and Jacqui spoke of their excitement in being able to extract detailed reporting through the software as their current system is labour intensive and does not offer the level of transparency that they would like. They are ambitious to be able to pick apart information on the recruitment process in order to improve upon their strategy and attract the best candidates available at the most competitive cost.

When asked if they had any final comments on Vacancy Filler, Alison and Jacqui commented on how straight forward the software was: “There’s no technical talk, no jargon, no ‘this is really complicated’ – just really easy technology”. Alison commented on how her previous experience with Applicant Tracking Systems had unnecessarily over-complicated things and made the process intimidating, whereas Vacancy Filler had not.

If you have experienced the same problems as The Original Factory Shop or are looking to improve recruitment in a similar way, click here talk to one of our specialists about how Vacancy Filler can help.


Ed Hull

Ed Hull is the Marketing Assistant at Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software. As a keen writer with a degree in History, Ed contributes regularly to the Vacancy Filler blog.

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