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Recruit to Retain - It's not about filling vacancies, it's about growing as a company

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 25-Aug-2017 17:18:36
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You've just downed tools - a job well done.

After a six-week recruitment campaign, including interviews and chasing hiring managers for feedback, you've made a job offer to the perfect candidate.

But four weeks later, and only three days before your new hire was due to start, you get an email - "I've been offered a job with another company and I have accepted, unfortunately, I will be withdrawing my acceptance for the position of sales manager..."

Ten weeks after starting your recruitment campaign and you are back to square one.

What's the cost of this to your business?

I firmly believe that 'simple solutions solve the most complex problems', if it doesn't make sense to me, I'll lose interest quickly.

This is why I'm so deeply committed to helping businesses not only find and hire great talent but to retain that talent after the point of job offer - because there is a simple solution that just makes sense.

If you have ever experienced a time-consuming, costly or failed recruitment campaign and want to know what can be done to avoid this happening again, I'd be thrilled to share what I know.

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