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Shortlisting Candidates in Their Thousands: Helping Centrepoint Modernise their Recruitment

Centrepoint is a youth homelessness organisation that supports 16 to 25 year olds, based in London the North and North East of England. The charity provides housing and support for more than 7,800 young people every year.

We spoke to Cengiz Ali, Head of Human Resources at Centrepoint who explained his reasoning for partnering with Vacancy Filler.



Primarily, Cengiz cited a lack of effectiveness in Centrepoint’s previous system to be the main motivation for choosing Vacancy Filler; it was essential for the organisation to modernise their recruitment to keep up with high volumes of applicants.  

Cengiz spoke of how a digital application process was needed in order to centralise their system and move away from a paper based method: “We basically wanted to get the application all online; no more paper filling and no more attachments.”

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In moving towards a modern process, Cengiz aims to benefit both the candidate during their application process and the hiring managers during shortlisting. He also spoke of an eagerness to move away from outdated reporting spreadsheet and candidate packs which previously had to be manually created and printed out:  “We often end up with hundreds of applicants which is too time consuming; what’s more is we have to print off a large amount of  forms which is not ideal and too time consuming for the team ”.

In all, Cengiz remarked on how it was essential to escape their outdated system and begin a fully automated, online process. He mentioned how all parts of recruiting will be made more effective; from shortlisting to reporting and importantly, the positive effects will be felt by both those who recruit and the candidates that apply stating that: “The candidate experience is going to be better, my and the HR team’s experience is going to be better and our hiring managers experience will be better”.


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Ed Hull

Ed Hull is the Marketing Assistant at Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software. As a keen writer with a degree in History, Ed contributes regularly to the Vacancy Filler blog.

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