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The 10 things we know about your recruitment


From education to retail, hospitality to care, each industry has its own methods of recruitment while each individual company has its own individual requirements. Though this is true, we've found that there remains 10 points that remain the same for almost every business:

  1. It is important for you to have an integrated solution that encompasses all aspects of your recruitment process.

  1. With everyone involved in the recruitment process having access to your recruitment campaign and candidate details, it is important to have full flexibility over what each person can see.


  1. With the potential to receive hundreds of applications for one role, if not thousands, it is vital to you that there is the ability to maintain control of what goes where and what comes next.
  1. You do not want to pay for the upgraded version of any software or the installation on a number of devices.
  1. You want to create a positive candidate experience that reflects your brand and company culture.
  1. You know that recruitment is a team activity and the ability to communicate effectively during the recruitment process is key to running a smooth recruitment operation.
  1. You do not want to miss out on posting your job vacancies to your followers on your social media profiles, but it can be time consuming adding them to each one.
  1. Communicating with your candidates and building a relationship with them is important to you as it helps to enhance the candidate experience and improve your employer brand.
  1. Your recruitment process is always be changing; whether it is where your best candidates are coming from or which social media vehicle is providing the most applicants.
  1. The one size fits all approach very rarely ‘fits all’, and even if it does fit, it does not fit that well.

Vacancy Filler work with a number of clients who have different needs, different budgets and very different expectations. Recruitment is something which is individual to each company; though out-of-the-box solutions may fit some companies, it is often the case that the solution has to be versatile and adapt to fit specific needs.

Vacancy Filler's customers range through a number of sectors. To read our case studies click here or arrange a one on one talk with one of our industry specialists.

Ed Hull

Ed Hull is the Marketing Assistant at Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software. As a keen writer with a degree in History, Ed contributes regularly to the Vacancy Filler blog.

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