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The old and manual method of recruiting is no longer an acceptable option for you


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For many institutions, recruiting via the old manual method simply isn’t an option anymore. In order to compete against other schools, colleges and academies to get the best staff, a slick and streamlined recruitment process is needed – many applicants will associate their experience as a candidate directly with your brand as an employer; so getting it right at this stage is becoming ever more important.

This is why a large number of institutions are turning to digital recruitment in the form of cloud-based recruitment software. This technology allows the recruitment process to be managed more efficiently, at less cost and with less demand on the HR Team, so the existing staff can concentrate on other areas of the HR role to work towards creating a better working environment for the whole institution.

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Sarah Trouse, Resourcing and Welfare Officer at Burton and South Derbyshire College said, “When I arrived [at the college] the system was already installed. Prior to that [the recruitment process] was paper-based where we had to download forms from the website, print them off and manually shortlist. This was not cost effective. Neither did we use job boards, only placing adverts locally, on the FE careers site, FE Jobs and on our website.”

For institutions looking to reach more candidates and of a better quality, job board packages are the perfect way to achieve this. Many recruitment software providers, such as Vacancy Filler, build effective job board packages that deliver not only great candidates, but also a great saving when compared to going direct to the job boards yourself.

Reaching more candidates is one thing, but now that you have an influx of candidates ready and willing to work for you, you need a system that will allow you to efficiently and effectively filter them in order to find those that are the right fit for the role and your institution.

Vacancy Filler has a number of tools that come as standard within the Applicant Tracking and filtering part of their system. The focus at this stage is to remove the need for paper applications, printing off CVs, manually transferring documents around the office or emailing applications across departments.

Mark O’Brien, HR Systems and Data Manager at Cardiff and Vale College found this part of the system to be hugely effective, “The recruitment process here has always been very manual, it was a process that involved lots of admin and lots of paper. We receive over 2000 applications each year for roughly 100 vacancies and this results in us printing off more than 20,000 pages of applications per year and reducing this was key.”

The Cardiff and Vale College example is a great representation of the pure power and control that the recruitment software solutions available today can provide to your institution. No matter how many applications you receive each year, the software will be able to handle it, equally, the person responsible for filtering at the initial stages will also be able to use the tools to quickly and effortlessly work through the applications.

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