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Top Ten Seasonal Hiring Tips for Getting the Best Candidates

Recruiting for Christmas

Periods of Seasonal hiring can throw many businesses into a ‘hiring frenzy’ and in lots of instances, disrupts the process of staffing. The Retail Sector is a prime example of an industry thrown under strain during seasonal holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day, with a rise in customer levels and sales figures.

Below is a list of the top 10 seasonal hiring tips I believe to be vital from which I have composed through my experience of aiding countless HR and In-House recruiters remain in control during these periods:

1.) Promote your brand

Your own website is an important place to start, so make sure that all your vacancies are present here, as it will be one of the first things candidates search for. Ensure your careers page remains true to your brand and is easily navigated. With more candidates drawn to your careers page, you will be saving costs advertising your posts externally.

2.) Stop using costly agencies 

Ditch the agencies for an in-house recruitment strategy and you will find doing so allows you free reign and full access of the hiring process; it also gives you the advantage of cutting costs, benefitting you during seasonal periods where you may need to recruit higher numbers.

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3.) Say goodbye to paper applications 

You will be surprised at how off-putting paper applications can be to both candidates and the hiring teams themselves because paper applications require manual effort in regards to printing copies. It is hassle to deliver them, then problems occur where candidates are left oblivious in regards to their application status.

This is the same for your HR team who have the added effort when it comes to processing the applications. A good solution for this is to introduce an applicant tracking system to eliminate manual data entry by assembling all applications online. This will also generate a receipt to the candidate, which in turn results in an improved experience.

4.) Reach out on Social Media

You have created your social media page to represent your company and promote your brand, so why not use it to draw in candidates? Those already following you will have some degree of knowledge about your company and sometimes all it takes to hire great people is looking closer to home, for example in your already-loyal followers. Make sure to always consider your target audience so that you are attracting the perfect fit for your role.

5.) Enquire about managed services

Consider Managed Services – don’t be afraid to ask your service provider to help you manage your recruitment tasks – really, that’s what they are there for! Shortlisting candidates can also be taken care of, speeding up the process.

6.) Introduce a process 

Providing education for staff on how to manage a campaign is important, and by setting up a process to do this you will ensure that everyone involved is up to date on the system. Suggest training – carried out by a member of your team, thorough training sessions for hiring managers and members of HR promise a swift hiring experience as it ensures all users are following the same procedure.

7.) Utilise more job boards

Another method of accelerating your campaign is to advertise across more job boards and make your adverts as public as possible. You will be surprised at how many job boards exist and how active they are. Make practical use of appropriate job boards for roles with a particular skill requirements.

8.) Make use of talent pooling

Your talent pool is important, so be certain that you are making good use of it. Details of candidates who ‘didn’t quite make It’ at this point should be recorded after every campaign because it allows you to be aware of, and secure, not only the present state of your hiring process, but also the future.

9.) Examine past campaigns

If you examine the outcome of previous campaigns, you can work from the results to make improvements when it comes to hiring the next time around. Keep a record of where you found the best applicants, the most successful hiring platforms for your campaigns and the procedures that were the most profitable. This is all beneficial.

10.) Choose the perfect platform

Find the perfect recruitment platform (or ATS) that promises you a smooth hiring journey from the beginning right until the end. Search for a platform that works in your favour by saving you money, reducing manual tasks, and one that is easy to navigate.


Seasonal hiring periods can seem daunting with the added issues it can impose, however with the right process in place and confidence in it, you can ensure yourself a smooth seasonal hiring experience.

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Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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