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How to continue employing the best candidates whilst your competition struggles to get bums-on-seats

By | on 03, Mar 2016 |   Education

The teacher shortage in the UK’s Education Sector has meant that many institutions are left filling employee gaps with agency staff, resulting in an array of people with varying experience entering th[...]

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The old and manual method of recruiting is no longer an acceptable option for you

By | on 01, Mar 2016 |   Education

  For many institutions, recruiting via the old manual method simply isn’t an option anymore. In order to compete against other schools, colleges and academies to get the best staff, a slick and strea[...]

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Is the recruitment process the reason that coastal schools are seeing sub-standard GCSE results?

By | on 28, Jan 2016 |   Education

Over a decade ago, in November 2002, over 2,000 schools were temporarily closed when members of the two largest teaching unions, the NUT and the NASUWT, took to the streets in protest.  Strike action [...]

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Understanding the STEM Teacher Crisis in UK Schools and Colleges

By | on 19, Jan 2016 |   Education

It would be fair to say that some schools have had to get inventive with their recruitment policies to avoid having unfilled vacancies or having to hire on the basis of ‘it’s better than nothing’ duri[...]

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The Negative Effects of Using Recruitment Agencies on Supply Teachers’ Pensions and the Quality of Teaching in Schools

By | on 12, Jan 2016 |   Education

The teacher shortage has ensured that many schools have had to rely on expensive agencies to find supply staff. The Guardian stated that in 2015, spending by academies and free schools on agencies ros[...]

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