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How to get your in-house recruitment team GDPR-ready

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 06-Mar-2018 16:57:16

As a recap, and for those that didn’t read our last GDPR blog, the General Data Protection Regulation comes into place on the 25th May 2018. The new rules have allowed for an increased level of legal certainty for data that travels within the EU. This forces organisation’s to be more transparent about the way they are using consumer data.

The new regulations have been heavily marketed and a number of horror stories have started to surface. We know that the legislation can sound scary, especially with the fines for non-compliance, but this is an essential regulation that will help to prevent our own personal data from being stolen, misused or sent to third parties without our prior consent – so it’s a good thing!

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Everything you need to know about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)  before the 25th May 2018

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 19-Dec-2017 14:18:52


But don’t worry, as confusing as the 88 page document might be, we’re here to help make it simple. So let’s start with the basics. As of the 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), comes into force; this is a new and important piece of legislation that has been created to replace the old and outdated Data Protection Act 1998.

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