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What is the alternative to recruitment agencies?

Posted by Dale Houlden on 09-May-2018 14:41:01

What is the alternative to Recruitment Agencies?

In-House Recruiters VS Agencies

As a business experiences growth, both in terms of revenue and its customer base, the necessity to hire more staff to support that growth invariably increases.

Whilst company growth is an exciting time for any business owner, attracting and hiring the right people who add value, and who can assist with the growth of the company, can be a challenge to an already busy HR or hiring team.

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Disengaged Staff: The True Cost to your Business

Posted by Naomi Hyett on 26-Mar-2018 11:25:30


Every day, companies are losing money from their bottom line without knowing what the real problem is. What if I told you that your organisation could be losing money due to a lack of productivity, as a direct result of demotivated employees?

According to research by Gallup, the proportion of workers who are not engaged with their work is a whopping 68%, but what is even more concerning is those who are actively involved and engaged with their work is a meagre 11%.

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Graduate Recruitment: How to plan, prepare and prosper when the floodgates open

Posted by Katie Parr on 02-Dec-2016 09:00:00

Roughly 1.5 million students graduate with bachelor degrees every year around May, so it’s no surprise that this creates an overflow of CVs, for both permanent and graduate positions. Hiring the best graduate talent is a fierce competition, but when businesses experience a sharp increase in applications, managing this can be difficult as time is consumed with CV searching, phone screening and sending out rejection emails.

If you showcase your company and everything it has to offer, graduates in search of work will come to know your brand, what it stands for and your culture; in doing so you will attract the attention of candidates to enable you to make relevant hiring.

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The Effective, Structured Hiring Strategy

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 11-Nov-2016 10:27:00

Partner with an RPO Provider for an Effective, Structured Hiring Strategy

There are many challenges faced by today’s In-house recruiter, what with limited budgets, scarcer candidates of suitable quality, and higher, more aggressive competition; then you have the even playing field created by social media, allowing those with less established organisations to compete effectively against larger corporations.

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Implementing recruitment technology - training, software and techniques for the education sector

Posted by Ed Hull on 22-Aug-2016 14:36:44

Ashton 6th Form College is located in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester and has around 2000 students.  In 2016, the college was rated ‘good’ by Ofsted and achieved a 99% pass rate for A Levels.

The 6th form college has a small, core HR team that overseas recruitment; we spoke to Dawn Parrott, one of the main users of the system about her experience with Vacancy Filler. The 6th form college currently employs around 240 members of staff and hire approximately 20-30 times a year.

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How to manage the burden of manual HR practices

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 18-Jul-2016 11:30:00


A recent study of 100 Senior HR leaders in the UK found that around just 30% of their time is given to strategic development of their department and the business. It was found that the reason for this is that much of HR’s time is consumed by manual and administrative tasks that are preventing effective contributions to other areas of the business.

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Improving recruitment through Managed Services and reporting

Posted by Ed Hull on 07-Jul-2016 16:14:20


Graham & Brown is an international wall decoration group that has been innovating the home improvement market for 70 years with British-made, design-led products. In addition to their manufacturing, design and marketing centre in Blackburn, they have sales offices and distribution centres across the world.

Sharon Ternan, HR Advisor at Graham & Brown, spoke to us about her experience recruiting with Vacancy Filler. The company currently employs around 400 members of staff in the UK and has recently experienced growth in the direct-to-consumer division of the business which has seen them hiring around 30 times a year.

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Christmas Recruitment: How to stop seasonal hiring from crippling your retail business

Posted by Ed Hull on 04-Dec-2015 10:50:38

DID YOU KNOW - "Staff turnover costs UK businesses around £42 billion a year"

Those operating in the retail sector will have experienced a number of key issues that are particularly hard-hitting during periods of recruitment. The underpinning reason for this is that the volume of applicants is much higher than any other sector. Retail currently employs more than any other private sector employer and employs 10% of the UK population (Labour Market Review).

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The 7 headaches of recruiting teachers in Canada

Posted by Ed Hull on 20-Nov-2015 12:16:04

Canada is experiencing an unprecedented surge in candidates eager to join the teaching workforce and this is caused by a combination of a large number of Canadian’s graduating with degrees in teaching, and a considerable push for foreign teachers to join the Canadian workforce.

The large number of candidates applying for teaching roles is leaving many schools, colleges and universities with masses of CVs flooding their mailboxes and what seems to be the never-ending task of shortlisting them. The University of British Columbia received applications for double the amount of places it had to offer in 2014. The previous year, at the opposite side of the country, there were approximately 9000 graduate teachers in the Ontario area with only 6000 positions available for them.

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Top 10 Recruitment Problems You Should Be Avoiding

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 25-Sep-2015 16:21:56

How long does it take you to fill a role, on average, from the moment you realise you need to hire someone to the moment someone starts?

There are many factors that can cause delays in your hiring process, and delays can sometimes lead to lost candidates or rejected offer letters. Below you will see 10 of the most common recruitment process problems that organisations have but have done nothing about.


1. Candidates have to leave your careers page to apply – The candidate journey plays a huge part on how your employer brand is perceived by those who express an interest in working for your business. Having to leave your website can not only cause confusion for the candidate, but it is also an unpleasant experience for them.

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