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Are you REALLY ready for your interview? Our recruitment expert reveals the 10 interview questions you MUST be able to answer

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 08-Feb-2016 09:00:00


So, you’ve found the perfect job, sent in your CV through the online application form on their website and you’ve been lucky enough to be invited along for an interview… now what?

This is the part where the nerves kick in, the doubt comes to the surface and you start to question if there are better people than you applying for this role… but it’s not always down to ability, experience or your grades! Yes – these things will help you, but you need to assume that you tick these boxes so far as you have made it to the interview stage, it’s now all about you and whether or not you are what they are looking for – are you a good fit for the team?

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Our roots in education: From the UK to Guatemala

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 27-Nov-2015 14:21:20

Vacancy Filler’s roots in education run deep, with a large number of schools, colleges and academies benefitting from our recruitment solution. Utilising our software has allowed all of our education customers to reduce recruitment-related spend and find great teaching staff, which has allowed them to improve the service that they provide to their students.

Fitting with our roots in education, Vacancy Filler have supported the Education for the Children Charity for almost a year now, helping to fund five children in Guatemala through an entire years’ education, including food, books and other materials, and also school fees.

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Strategic Team Group see ROI in just 3 hires working with Vacancy Filler

Posted by Ed Hull on 17-Nov-2015 15:23:53

Strategic Team Group is a construction company that specialises in building, refurbishment, maintenance and energy-efficiency solutions. They were formed in 2000 and have more than 160 employees across two sites in Manchester and West Yorkshire.

Strategic Team Group’s Head of HR, Rebecca Wallis, spoke with us on her decision to use Vacancy Filler as the solution to help improve the company’s recruitment process.

STG are going through a period of growth and are looking to build on their current levels of productivity. Prior to Vacancy Filler, Hiring Managers in STG would manage their own recruiting, often through their personal relationships with agencies. One of the key issues that STG faced was that of reaching a wide enough pool of candidates with their existing use of adverts, again this meant that agencies were relied on.

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FREE CANDIDATE SUPPORT when you use our Recruitment Software

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 21-Aug-2015 10:03:00

When your candidates are applying via an application form they sometimes have questions that they want to ask regarding the application process - answering these questions can be time consuming... that's why Vacancy Filler do it for you, at no additional cost!

See the video below that explains the additional services that Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software provide alongside their Applicant Tracking Software

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Hiring Now - Astronaut

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 22-Jun-2015 12:50:00


So, you want to be an astronaut?

A colleague of mine passed me a link to an interesting article about how NASA interviews candidates who would like to be an Astronaut.

They talk about “looking for the 'right stuff,' but also trying to get rid of people with the 'wrong stuff,' to summarise the process.

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