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What is the alternative to recruitment agencies?

Posted by Dale Houlden on 09-May-2018 14:41:01

What is the alternative to Recruitment Agencies?

In-House Recruiters VS Agencies

As a business experiences growth, both in terms of revenue and its customer base, the necessity to hire more staff to support that growth invariably increases.

Whilst company growth is an exciting time for any business owner, attracting and hiring the right people who add value, and who can assist with the growth of the company, can be a challenge to an already busy HR or hiring team.

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Using social media to your advantage: How to recruit using the internet’s busiest platforms

Posted by Katie Parr on 23-Nov-2016 10:00:00

When choosing an effective hiring platform, it’s imperative that you consider social media as an option.

Over the past decade, social media has exploded in size and popularity, along with the number of connected devices overshadowing the world’s entire population by comparison.

For the recruitment industry, social media is one of the most effective areas to have a presence. It has billions of users, consists of countless platforms, and accessibility mostly comes with no additional cost.

Considering this, it is important to ask yourself: How can I use social media to better my hiring procedure?

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What no one tells you about recruiting with social media

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 18-Sep-2015 14:39:38


Social media has probably taken off more than anyone imagined it would, I’m sure even Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook had no idea that it would be this big, and it seems that every time we think, “that’s it, there’s no room for any more social networks” another one comes along – just as big and just as successful.

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The ultimate guide to recruiting with social media

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 17-Jul-2015 11:32:34


Social media has taken the internet world by storm over the past decade or so; starting as a simple communication platform it has now evolved into a powerful engine that individual users and businesses rely on - on a daily basis sometimes.

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Find out how hundreds of companies are finding better candidates

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 22-Jun-2015 13:45:37


Just as recruitment itself has shifted online, background screening has largely abandoned the pens, paperwork and postmen of old and moved into the digital age. This has created many opportunities to integrate screening into the wider recruitment process, explains Traci Canning, senior vice president and MD for EMEA at First Advantage.

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Things are looking up for Graduate Recruitment in 2014/ 2015

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 22-Jun-2015 12:40:00


“2014 signals a boom in UK Graduate employment opportunities” claims Jason Staniforth – Digital Marketing Specialist for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software.

“It has previously been understood that you go to university, graduate, and then enter the working world to become exactly what you studied for – the harsh reality is that  this has not been the case for a number of years, and many graduates are finding  out the  hard way. 

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