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Disengaged Staff: The True Cost to your Business

Posted by Naomi Hyett on 26-Mar-2018 11:25:30


Every day, companies are losing money from their bottom line without knowing what the real problem is. What if I told you that your organisation could be losing money due to a lack of productivity, as a direct result of demotivated employees?

According to research by Gallup, the proportion of workers who are not engaged with their work is a whopping 68%, but what is even more concerning is those who are actively involved and engaged with their work is a meagre 11%.

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Strategic Team Group see ROI in just 3 hires working with Vacancy Filler

Posted by Ed Hull on 17-Nov-2015 15:23:53

Strategic Team Group is a construction company that specialises in building, refurbishment, maintenance and energy-efficiency solutions. They were formed in 2000 and have more than 160 employees across two sites in Manchester and West Yorkshire.

Strategic Team Group’s Head of HR, Rebecca Wallis, spoke with us on her decision to use Vacancy Filler as the solution to help improve the company’s recruitment process.

STG are going through a period of growth and are looking to build on their current levels of productivity. Prior to Vacancy Filler, Hiring Managers in STG would manage their own recruiting, often through their personal relationships with agencies. One of the key issues that STG faced was that of reaching a wide enough pool of candidates with their existing use of adverts, again this meant that agencies were relied on.

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Recruitment Services: Sometimes service & support supersedes software

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 10-Sep-2015 10:39:15

Sabre Insurance Order Announcement 


Formed in 1982, Sabre Insurance has more than 130 employees and is based in Surrey; they are a popular insurer that sells car insurance primarily through brokers but also directly to the public. Sabre Insurance is one of the most successful insurers in the UK, with a great reputation for providing brokers and customers with outstanding customer service.

The Vacancy Filler Solution

Having previously built strong relationships with recruitment agencies, Wendy Bamping, Head of HR from Sabre Insurance, worked at an agreed rate of 12-15% of the basic salary for the, on average, 20 vacancies a year that they recruited for.

Although they advertised on their website, working with agencies was a regular method of recruiting for them as Sabre were often searching for particularly hard to fill roles, and these required specialist help in order to fill.

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How to attract and retain the best talent for jobs in education

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 27-Aug-2015 15:39:09

If you want to ensure that your school, college or university is in the best possible position to hire great teachers and lecturers then keep reading, as this is the perfect article for you.

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FREE CANDIDATE SUPPORT when you use our Recruitment Software

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 21-Aug-2015 10:03:00

When your candidates are applying via an application form they sometimes have questions that they want to ask regarding the application process - answering these questions can be time consuming... that's why Vacancy Filler do it for you, at no additional cost!

See the video below that explains the additional services that Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software provide alongside their Applicant Tracking Software

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Are face-to-face interviews a waste of time and money?

Posted by Jay Staniforth on 02-Jul-2015 12:19:50

Following the integration of video interviewing into the Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software Platform, I have taken a keen interest into the benefits and opinions of Video use during the interview process.

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