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Video Interviewing - recruitment solutions that overcomes geographical barriers

Posted by Ed Hull on 08-Aug-2016 14:13:12

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) is the world’s leading alliance of public service media. They operate in 56 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas and broadcast to a potential audience of 1.03 billion people.

Olivier Dugenet, HR Business Partner at EBU spoke to us about his experience recruiting with Vacancy Filler. The company currently employs around more than 400 members of staff and recruits between 60-80 times a year.

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How retail can strengthen their recruitment brand through candidate support

Posted by Ed Hull on 20-Jun-2016 08:56:40

The most successful retail brands pride themselves on their customer support, whereas those that neglect it often alienate customers and force them to shop elsewhere. Many brands in the retail industry rely on the service they give to create an environment for customers where they feel welcome and appreciated, it does not just help the brand, but it is also part of it.

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