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Effective recruitment management: Notaro Care Homes turns to Vacancy Filler


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Family-owned, Notaro Homes was originally established in 1984 by managing director, Mr Nunzio Notaro and his wife Constance after setting up their first care home in Torquay, Devon. Throughout the 30 years that have followed, Notaro Homes have not only extended their range of services but have also expanded across 3 counties in the South West of England. Their portfolio has grown at a steady rate and now boasts the offering of state of the art, purpose built facilities alongside beautifully renovated older properties.

Choosing Vacancy Filler

We spoke with the Public Relations Manager at Notaro Homes, Sharon Warren, to find out why they selected Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software as their solution provider.

Sharon is the only person who creates and posts vacancies out for Notaro Homes, although each care home has a Care Home Manager, of which there are 11, and they manage the filtering and selection process themselves from there on.

Sharon said that CVs and other applications were received in a range of ways before taking on Vacancy Filler, including via phone calls – “with more than 35% of our web traffic being recruitment related, we receive a lot of applications from a lot of people, and this was difficult to manage without a system in place. This never stops either as we are constantly hiring, all year round we are looking for different people to fill various roles across the business – we hired more than 150 people last year”.

Sharon had looked at other recruitment software providers before selecting Vacancy Filler, one of the products was also cheaper than that of Vacancy Filler’s product, however, it was decided that they weren’t as comprehensive as the Vacancy Filler system and so were dismissed on that basis. “Vacancy Filler wasn’t the cheapest product we looked at, but it was the product that ticked all of the boxes for us,  and since starnotaro staff.jpgting the implementation  process, we can see that we made the right  decision – not only is their product  extremely helpful, but the team there, Paul  in particular, have been brilliant too”.




Notaro Homes are looking to open another new care home and with this, a further 120 new staff, Sharon said that with such a big recruitment drive on the horizon, the system would be essential. She said that it was important to know what everyone involved in the process was doing and also at what stage the candidates are at – Sharon loved the ‘Register your interest’ section especially, her current talent pool is kept on an excel spreadsheet and isn’t manageable. “Everything that we wanted in a system, Vacancy Filler had it available, from customising and branding our careers page iframe so that it fit in with our website to allowing candidates to easily share roles via social media channels”.

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We asked what  Sharon’s biggest pains were before introducing the Vacancy Filler system, she had a list of areas that just weren’t manageable, one being to accurately and quickly find out exactly how many people they hired last year as a result of their lack of reports and analytics. “As a result of everyone managing their own recruitment and candidates at their individual care homes, it was difficult for me to have any sort of transparency into who was being hired. We would receive lots of CVs, where people apply and go through the process with you before disappearing and never hearing from them again, which is why the screening questions with vacancy Filler are so important to reducing this.”

“Having a system in place was important for the company’s image and brand”, Sharon said, “with Vacancy Filler in place, we can ensure that everyone is treated fairly as they will all go through the same process, and the pre-screen and pre-qualify features will really help to save us a lot of time and cost”.

Sharon believes that the Talent Pool module will be a massive time saver for them, especially during periods of high recruiting.  Sharon felt that the system would help to get the word out quickly which would mean positions aren’t left vacant for very long. In addition to this, having access to the reports and analytics about their recruitment activities across all of their care home locations will really help to centralise their processes, allowing for improvements to be made and efficiency with direct marketing.


Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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