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Company Background

Runshaw College is a further and Higher Education College based at three centres in Leyland and Chorley, Lancashire, England. Established as a sixth form college in 1974, Runshaw has grown over the last forty years into a thriving community, meeting the needs of learners from across the region at its three centres.

Its main campus, in Leyland, is a sixth form college catering for students aged 16–19. The Euxton Lane, Chorley, campus is the centre for adult and higher education. The site also hosts the Runshaw Business Centre, meeting the needs of local small and medium sized enterprises; and Runshaw Training, offering apprenticeships and vocational training. Runshaw's third campus, in Chorley town centre, specialises in hairdressing, beauty and holistics.



Choosing Vacancy Filler

Tracey, HR Manager at Runshaw College, is responsible for the processes around the college’s recruitment operation; with 2 colleagues mainly focusing on the initial, administrative ‘selection’ part of the process and managers getting involved further down the line.

Tracey decided there was a need for a recruitment solution as a result of the very manual and labour intensive process that was taking much more time and effort than was necessary. In addition to this, the paper-and-pen-heavy process was “not very sustainable or green, and with the targets that are set by the governing bodies for many schools and colleges, [they] needed a solution that could help towards achieving a reduced carbon footprint”.

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When looking for a recruitment software provider to partner with, Tracey considered a total of 4 providers, and after careful consideration, Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software was selected as the best option. Tracey said that “Vacancy Filler was chosen over the other 3 providers because of its functionality and usability; the online sorting functionality would greatly help us to reduce our reliance on pen and paper which was a key factor for us, but its ability to integrate with social media, allowing us to post and share directly to our social pages, and the huge list of skills-based tests that are freely available to us really helped us to make the final decision.”

Tracey also stated that Vacancy Filler’s pricing model worked well for them, “although Vacancy Filler were not the cheapest, the product was well priced, especially when considering the functionality that was included in the product.”

Equality and diversity reporting was important to Tracey, she liked how the candidates could be kept anonymous after the initial sorting and selection phase, so when stage 1 candidates were passed to managers via the system, their person details would automatically be removed, allowing for them to be judged purely on experience and ability.

The other key area of benefit to Runshaw College from using Vacancy Filler was the huge improvement in ability to communicate with candidates. Tracey liked the idea of being able to form better relationships with their candidates from the very beginning of the recruitment process, and keeping them informed with emails of receipt, slot selection messages for interviews or even letters of rejection was the perfect way to do this.

Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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