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Ed Hull

Ed Hull is the Marketing Assistant at Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software. As a keen writer with a degree in History, Ed contributes regularly to the Vacancy Filler blog.

Posts by Ed Hull

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How retail can strengthen their recruitment brand through candidate support

By | on 20, Jun 2016 |   Retail Support

The most successful retail brands pride themselves on their customer support, whereas those that neglect it often alienate customers and force them to shop elsewhere. Many brands in the retail industr[...]

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Cutting recruitment admin time in half for North Star housing association

By | on 15, Jun 2016 |   Order Announcement Not-for-profit Housing Association

North Star is a housing association based in the North East of England; providing affordable housing across the Tees Valley, County Durham and North Yorkshire. The company recruits for a variety of po[...]

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The 4 ways to maximise retail’s recruitment potential

By | on 19, May 2016 |   Best Practices Case Studies Retail

The most successful brands bring together all aspects of their recruitment to not only benefit the hiring process, but to benefit all aspects of the company. By creating a holistic approach to recruit[...]

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Luxury retail leading the way for recruitment in Canada

By | on 11, May 2016 |   Retail

The retail industry is the largest public sector employer in Canada and although the sector experienced difficulties in the last global economic crisis, its position at the top continued and is report[...]

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The 10 things we know about your recruitment

By | on 29, Apr 2016 |

  From education to retail, hospitality to care, each industry has its own methods of recruitment while each individual company has its own individual requirements. Though this is true, we've found th[...]

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Recruitment and your brand: the reason your recruitment process is losing you customers

By | on 26, Apr 2016 |   Best Practices Retail

In recent years, the job market has developed into one which is driven by the candidate. The expectations and demands of candidates have grown, while companies are striving to ensure both their succes[...]

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Nisbets: boosting recruitment effectiveness through talent pooling and candidate testing

By | on 25, Apr 2016 |   Order Announcement Retail

As the UK’s largest supplier of kitchen and catering equipment, Nisbets currently operates out of two main sites and sixteen stores across the UK. In 2015 Nisbets recruited for around three hundred po[...]

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Improving Efficiency through Focus, on Every Stage of Recruitment

By | on 21, Apr 2016 |   Order Announcement Not-for-profit

Business in the Community is the Prince’s Responsible Business Network. Their purpose is to create a fairer society and a more sustainable future. They are a progressive movement and work with busines[...]

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The importance of reporting

By | on 20, Apr 2016 |   Best Practices

People are perhaps the most important part of a business; the right staff can both make and cost money. Primarily, when the right people are hired, they will thrive and in turn the business will prosp[...]

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