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Are face-to-face interviews a waste of time and money?


Following the integration of video interviewing into the Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software Platform, I have taken a keen interest into the benefits and opinions of Video use during the interview process.

Initially I was looking at Video Interviewing from the angle of ‘saving time’ and ‘saving money’, to which it definitely is supported to do so; however, I came across an article on the Grapevine Website that questioned if “Businesses [were] wasting time and money on face-to-face interviews”.

Now this is an angle I hadn’t considered looking at; is your business actually “wasting” money by not utilising this technology?

The article suggests that “55% of businesses have never used video interviewing Technology despite a third of them describing themselves as tech savvy, and 30% using similar technology such as FaceTime and Video Conferencing”.

Research by Foosle showed that 45% of companies asked don’t use Video Interviewing Technology simply because they haven’t really thought about it before, and 8% felt that the technology was either too expensive or too difficult to use. To overcome these issues, Vacancy Filler have integrated the Video Interviewing technology into their core product that, for a small fee, can be activated should a customer need it.

After 1st interview stage, businesses will often reject between 50-75% of applicants, which amounts to a large amount of wasted time (considering most interviews are 45 minutes or more) and really does add to the financial cost of the recruitment process.

Using Video Interviewing Technology saves significant time for both the hiring manager and the candidate. It not only helps you to widen the number of potential candidates you wish to review, but provides a realistic alternative to travelling, particularly where long distances are involved. It removes the restrictions of time and location, provides a platform for consistent comparison, allows you to process more candidates and delivers best use of resources and time.

Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

In summary, Vacancy Filler provides the following features;

  • Customisable interview questions using either a template or produced from scratch and tailored for the role. Every candidate will have answered the same questions
  • Two interview modes are available – single-shot for on-the-spot interaction or multi-shot to allow for maximum polish and presentation
  • Facility for the recruiter and hiring manager to share, collaborate and rate each candidate online for quick and easy shortlisting
  • Clearly convey your employer brand throughout the selection process by customising the invitations
    Candidates can take the interview using their smart phone. You can also review the videos on your smart phone or tablet.
  • The most efficient way of recruiting both nationally and internationally and independent of time zones and distance
  • Supports multi language interviews
  • Collaborate externally, or with people who don’t want to log in – simply send them a secure link
  • The candidate details and videos are stored securely in an ISO 27001 certified data centre
  • All data from European users is kept within the EEA

    If you are interested in learning more about how our recruitment software could work in your organisation or would like further information on how Vacancy Filler can help you with a business case, then please visit or e-mail 



Jay Staniforth

Jason has 5+ years' experience at Management level in Marketing and has worked across a range of sectors, including fashion, luxury vehicles, office equipment and software. With a BSc in Psychology, he takes an interesting angle with much of his work and has a great ability to focus on the value-add to the user in his writing.

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