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Early Quitters: Bad Recruitment Process, or Bad Company?

Impact of poor onboarding


Losing candidates can be extremely frustrating for any company, especially when you don’t know the reason for losing them.

Many companies, at some point, will experience the loss of candidates during the Onboarding process. For many businesses, they aren’t able to learn as to why this happens, but we have discovered that it is often the result of poor communication and a lack of resources within the business that cause this problem. It’s the hidden gap of communication and engagement that goes unnoticed from the point of offering the position to your ideal candidate to the day that they start.

This hidden gap is the notice period; most companies will require staff to work a notice period when they decide to move on from a business, often around 4 weeks but this can vary depending on length of service, position in the business or contracted terms.

But what are you doing to maintain communication and a level of engagement with this ‘ideal’ employee during their notice period? Is there any communication at all?

It’s surprising at just how many businesses cut communication with the candidate at this point and expect to simply pick things up with them on day 1 of their new role – it really doesn’t make sense that this happens. 

As a business, HR Manager, or Hiring Manager, you spend huge amounts of time, resources, and money advertising on job boards, sifting through candidates and interviewing potential employees, all to find the ‘ideal’ candidate, the best fit for the job – only to offer them the job and then ignore them for 4 weeks, leaving it to chance that they will turn up on the their start date.

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So what can be done to prevent this from happening?

The obvious move is to start communicating with candidates that have received a job offer, but this leads to more issues; we’re already under resourced, who will send the messages, how often should they be sent, what should we say in these messages and you probably have your own concerns with this added work load, too?

Vacancy Filler were faced with this exact problem, we wanted to learn how to increase communication and engagement from the point of job offer, throughout the Employee Onboarding process, to the candidate’s start date and even beyond – all without adding any extra work for HR or Hiring Managers.

To achieve this, we have enhanced our Employee Onboarding module with a piece of technology that we call ‘Connect’.

Connect bridges the gap that many businesses will find between the point of the candidate being offered the job and their start date. Connect allows existing employees, and those at job offer stage, to communicate with each other via a mobile app or desktop portal.

"Access to the app means that candidates who work remotely or ‘field-based’ will have instant connection with their manager."

Connect engages with, and enables, new starters to complete Onboarding information during their notice period, so uniforms, fuel cards, laptops and mobile phones can be ordered prior to their start date ensuring that your new employee is ready to hit the ground running from day 1.

There are additional benefits to the enhanced Onboarding module; access to the app means that candidates who work remotely or ‘field-based’ will have instant connection with their manager and the rest of their team, no matter where they are located – this is great for sharing materials that would normally be shown on-site during the induction process, with Connect, this information can be accessed by the new starter from anywhere, using the app or desktop platform.

With full control as to what new starters can see, you are able to give your candidates a ‘real-life’ taste as to what life with your business is like, even before their start date, this capability helps to prevent early leavers, or the employees that leave within the first 3 months. It’s often the case that employees who leave a business within the first 3 months of employment, is because of a bad recruitment process not a bad company.

Vacancy Filler is a leading provider of recruitment solutions to the UK, USA and Europe; our success is a direct result of our dedication to learning from our customers ‘exact’ needs – we don’t operate a shoe-horn in, one-size-fits-all approach.

This is why we are always looking to speak with other businesses that have problems within their recruitment process and are unsure as to how to overcome them – we want to learn from your difficulties, and we want to help you to overcome them.

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