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Graduate Recruitment: How to plan, prepare and prosper when the floodgates open

Graduate Recruitment

Roughly 1.5 million students graduate with bachelor degrees every year around May, so it’s no surprise that this creates an overflow of CVs, for both permanent and graduate positions. Hiring the best graduate talent is a fierce competition, but when businesses experience a sharp increase in applications, managing this can be difficult as time is consumed with CV searching, phone screening and sending out rejection emails.

If you showcase your company and everything it has to offer, graduates in search of work will come to know your brand, what it stands for and your culture; in doing so you will attract the attention of candidates to enable you to make relevant hiring.

Filtering for Suitability

One of the biggest difficulties in this area is that most graduates lack detail in terms of their career history and experience, and have specific skillsets, specialising in isolated subjects such as fashion, archaeology and psychology. This can make it difficult to highlight suitable candidates from CVs that contain generic information.

An effective option for any HR or in-house recruitment team is to consider implementing a recruitment solution that can introduce skills-based testing into the recruitment process; this will give the ability to assess a candidate’s suitability on a defined range of subjects whilst keeping scores with each individual application.

Selecting a recruitment software provider can help to reduce the time it takes to sort through applications by highlighting a desired predefined set of key skills; you will then be able to save this information for each individual application. Should you decide on using a cloud-based recruitment solution you will see benefits from the ability to access candidate information from anywhere that has an internet connection.

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The Lure of Social Media

One of the most popular routes to attracting graduates is to make use of your company social media profiles; many businesses choose this route as it is commonly believed that the majority of graduates are likely to be active on social media.

Traditionally, graduates are eager to collect as much information about the company that could be their next employer and it’s not uncommon for a graduate to do their research on the chosen company. Every business should form a presence on platforms in which graduates frequent in order to maintain visibility for graduates with the roles they are advertising. Choosing a recruitment solution that can integrate with your company social profiles will help to ensure that you maximise your engagement with this demographic.

Your Careers Page can Make or Break You

During periods where the market is flooded with graduates, competition is high for both graduates seeking work and businesses looking to hire; many graduates will be applying for roles in an attempt to gain security in employment until they find their desired career path.

Some application processes ask for no more than a CV and cover letter and it is this that encourages this type of ad-hoc, cv-submitting behaviour; it is important to fully utilise your careers page to give a clear insight into who you are as a business and what you are about, supported by an application process that is meaningful and focuses on their reasons for applying or at least introducing killer questions to filter out those less suitable for the role.

Doing this will help to reduce the number of serial applicants. When trying to attract the right candidates it is a good idea to create an attractive careers page where the colours, logo and branding are fluid with your web pages and that your vacancies are easy to locate and clear to read. Providing job descriptions that are accurate and detailed to follow this will demonstrate your exact expectations from those applying. Utilising a recruitment system will allow you to quickly remove unsuitable applicants, meaning you can better utilise your time in managing the higher quality candidates for shortlisting.

Employers must utilise their careers page to sell themselves in the best way possible – providing a thorough insight on important criteria like management and company culture is important to attract high quality graduate talent.

The Solution to Ensure you Successful Graduate Hiring 

Working with a provider like Vacancy Filler will allow you to streamline your hiring process and offer support with your graduate recruitment campaigns by integrating your careers page and social media profiles.

It can be difficult to determine whether you need to invest more in advertising on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, job boards or even your careers page – but by finding a recruitment solution that allows you to access real-time reports you will be able to track the relevant information that will guide you in making decisions around your hiring process strategically when you recruit in the future. For example, this data can be used to find out which source provided the most graduate applicants and also the highest quality candidates; from here you will be able to asses which hiring platforms you need to invest more time and/or money to excel in the competition for quality talent the next time you hire.

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