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How to manage the burden of manual HR practices


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A recent study of 100 Senior HR leaders in the UK found that around just 30% of their time is given to strategic development of their department and the business. It was found that the reason for this is that much of HR’s time is consumed by manual and administrative tasks that are preventing effective contributions to other areas of the business.

Some of the biggest time-consuming activities were those that involved multiple telephone calls, excel spreadsheets and manually transferring data, detailed emails and On-boarding new starters.

More than half of the people surveyed stated that they would be looking to invest in new technology that would allow them to reduce the administration involved for these operational tasks so that they could spend more time working on, and adding value to, the overall strategy of the business.

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When considering the varied tasks that HR are involved in and weighing up which areas take up the most time unnecessarily, recruitment stands out as an area with high manual activity, a high rate of touch-points whereby individual communication is required to each applicant, and a lot of valuable time is consumed.

For any organisation looking to create more free time within their HR department for strategic activities, the recruitment process is an ideal place to start. Not only can enhancing this process free up hours of time, but it can also strengthen the company brand, help source better suited candidates and dramatically reduce costs.

Recruitment Software is now so advanced that 99% of the hiring process can be managed via a single, online portal that can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection, and more often than not, from any device, whether that’s a tablet, phone or PC.

The Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software Solution allows you to manage the hiring process from the point of requesting approval to recruit for a new employee, to promoting the role on your careers page, to selecting the candidate, all the way to the new employee being On-Boarded and starting on their first day, and this is all done from within the software.

To introduce the strategic element into this process, enhanced reporting capabilities within the recruitment software allows for in-depth reporting and analysis of any information that is collected during the hiring process. Organisations can continually make improvements based on information around: where the best employees are applying from, what is the average time and cost to hire, and what personality type is best suited to this company.

There are now tools available that will allow your HR department to drive a strategic recruitment process that is designed to provide a streamlined and effective method of sourcing new talent whilst working in line with the wider HR strategy.

For more information on how this technology could help your organisation, visit or to speak with someone directly, or to request a free recruitment process health check, call 01509 236 434.

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