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Register for the In House Recruitment Expo 2017


Registration is now open for the 2017 In-House Recruitment Expo! Taking place at Olympia, London on the 21st & 22nd of February 2017; it will be the third time that the event has been held and is supported by The FIRM, Personnel Today and Recruitment Grapevine.

This is an exciting time for the in-house recruitment sector. The way that organisations attract, hire, on-board, engage, and retain the people they need is a significant differentiator in the recruitment marketplace, increasingly shaping the way that businesses grow and succeed. There is much more information available through digital channels on what a company is like to work for so candidates now know much more about the business they are applying to, and their expectations are shaped accordingly.

For the 2017 Expo, the IHRE are assembling a roster of high quality seminar speakers, all ready to share their knowledge and insights, with many also providing case studies on how they are embracing new opportunities. You’ll hear about the future of sourcing with Toby Culshaw from Philips, particularly on how sourcing can give the recruitment function stability and credibility, leading to a more strategic and impactful approach, rather than a transactional, low value offering.


If you want to see how your hiring process weighs up against some of the leading organisations in the UK, you can visit Vacancy Filler’s stand where they will be assessing the efficiency of the UK’s recruitment strategies. Accenture will be looking at how technology is changing talent acquisition and talking about some of the skills that recruiters will need in the future, whilst Microsoft will be sharing their experiences of adopting a data-driven approach to hiring whilst retaining a people-centric approach to the recruiting process.

There will a look at the 10 critical steps to creating your own critical data suite from recruitment analytics provider Resourcing Insights, and the FIRM will run a panel to discuss sourcing strategies and some of the tried and tested methodologies that work. In another session respected resourcing trainer Anne Carrigan will look at how we sourced in the 100 years before LinkedIn was invented…and how we’ll source in the future!

In total there will be 28 seminars across the two days, with a number of keynote and masterclass sessions also to be announced.

To register for free entry to the In-House Recruitment Expo 2017, and start reserving your seminar places, go to: 

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