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Strathclyde Partnership for Transport: The Transition from a Manual to Streamlined Recruitment Process

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Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) is the largest of Scotland’s seven regional transport partnerships.  As well as running the Glasgow Subway, SPT delivers an extensive range of public transport services including bus stations and subsidised bus services, manages large transport infrastructure projects and is responsible for delivery of a long-term multi-modal transport strategy for the west of Scotland. SPT is based in Glasgow, they currently employ around 530 members of staff, and last year alone they had 46 recruitment campaigns.

Problems prior to Vacancy Filler

We spoke with HR Advisor Lynsay Reid, who has been with the company 5 years and handles a wide variety of HR responsibilities, including recruitment. She informed us that their previous hiring process had been very cumbersome – with their application forms in a Word or PDF format  administration were burdened from printed application forms which had an impact upon hiring managers, consuming a lot of their time. Lynsay added that “the candidate experience was not the best” and they found themselves struggling to free up HR’s time to focus on more value-adding activities.

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An introduction to Vacancy Filler

Lynsay said that during their search for a new provider, “we had a very detailed specification” and in terms of what the company were looking for to help their recruitment, they wanted the suppliers to be able to meet all of their specification – which Vacancy Filler were able to do.

She continued to say “From a quality point of view we were getting a lot from Vacancy Filler and cost was a big factor in that. It came down to quality and cost.”

Overall, Lynsay was very satisfied with their implementation process, stating that it went really well and that there wasn’t really anything she could fault; ‘there were tight timescales but Vacancy Filler delivered on those’.


Reaping the benefits of Vacancy Filler

Straight away, Lynsay noticed the efficiency-benefits of the software and how she was able to deal with responding to all of her candidates effectively. Another huge advantage to them was the  time to hire as it meant their old process of printing application forms, manually inputting candidate data and logging them into their HR systems was eliminated; administration was reduced and they were able to respond to candidates quicker, meaning the candidate experience will have been much more positive. Lynsay likes all aspects of the system. They are in process of rolling out the Request to Recruit module to managers across the organisation.  

Moving Forward

In the future, Lynsay looks forward to finalising the employee onboarding process and exploring references within the new module, tagging and killer questions. Despite only being at the stage of using the system, testing it and getting familiar with all the functionalities, Vacancy Filler is already saving them time and money; this is freeing up their time to enable them to look at other tasks; “It makes a big difference to the team.” She said.

Katie Parr

Content Assistant for Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software

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