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The Effective, Structured Hiring Strategy

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Partner with an RPO Provider for an Effective, Structured Hiring Strategy

There are many challenges faced by today’s In-house recruiter, what with limited budgets, scarcer candidates of suitable quality, and higher, more aggressive competition; then you have the even playing field created by social media, allowing those with less established organisations to compete effectively against larger corporations.

 Even with these new and growing challenges, In-house recruiters are still targeted on reducing metrics such as time and cost per hire, yet all the time looking to improve the quality of the candidates found. Then there are the added restraints on using expensive recruitment agencies, even when the role is for a specialist position.

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The responsibilities that an in-house recruitment team have to take on and the ‘hats’ they have to wear seems to be ever-growing, from sourcing and assessment center management, to employer branding and social engagement. With the role becoming more than just a talent sourcing position, it can often lead a business to question whether this is something that can be effectively managed in-house by the existing team, an investment is required to grow the team internally, or whether outsourced specialist help is required.

All options appear expensive, and could push a business into not making a decision at all, or even worse, push the business to rely on the expense of an agency to provide the brand and man power to find candidates.

Fortunately, there are alternative options to those mentioned above, and this help comes in the form of ‘as-required’ RPO, or Flexible Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Having this resource to hand provides support when recruitment requirements are substantial, such as during seasonal periods of hiring, or when a role requires a specialist talent, or even searching for a candidate possessing a rare skill-set.

The flexible RPO opportunity provides a business with the ability to manage recruitment costs more effectively, whether that’s increasing spend to source a position of great value, or reducing spend due to a seasonal sales-low. The flexible RPO option affords a business more control, along with greater visibility and planning capability of departmental spend, and could be the option for businesses with fluctuating recruitment needs.

What is your biggest recruitment challenge? Whether it’s the entire recruitment process, a specific part of the process, or even a particular job type, an RPO service is an option.

At February’s In-house Recruitment Expo you’ll be able to speak with Vacancy Filler and their Recruitment Process Outsourcing team. Find out what benefits you could see with a structured hiring strategy with advertising through a leading selection of job boards coupled with head hunting and campaign management.

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