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The importance of reporting

People are perhaps the most important part of a business; the right staff can both make and cost money. Primarily, when the right people are hired, they will thrive and in turn the business will prosper, whereas conversely, the wrong candidates will be less proactive and will inevitably leave the company, causing the hiring process to start afresh, costing the business both time and money.

Reporting_on_your_recruitment_process_with_the_best_reporting_for_an_ATS.jpgSome companies approach the acquisition of candidates blind, hoping for the best and without learning from their mistakes or their triumphs. On the other hand, the successful recruiters are able to look back on their previous campaigns and are able to dissect the information and move forward knowing the best routes to take.


For in-house recruiters to be able to make educated decisions on their strategies, reporting is essential. Having the capacity to create reports on job board efficiency, the source of best candidates or cost per hire for instance, gives clarity on the hiring process and gives an educated platform to adapt the recruitment process accordingly.

Vacancy Filler conducted a survey aimed at in house recruiters from a range of industries in order find out the what was most important to them and where they struggled in regards to reporting.

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Ed Hull

Ed Hull is the Marketing Assistant at Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software. As a keen writer with a degree in History, Ed contributes regularly to the Vacancy Filler blog.

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